Senior Consultant/Assistant Manager – Financial Modeling

Mumbai / Gurgaon | Valuation Advisory | Job# VFAMay23#1
3-7 | 1 Vacancy

Job Profile

  • Provide advisory assistance to Clients during fund-raising transactions by way preempting investor queries and resolving them, coordinating, and collating all key information to be submitted to investors, preparing necessary analytical data, presentations and assisting with any other necessary activity in the process.


  • Communicate and liaison with existing and prospective equity investors, bondholders, lenders, rating agencies, developers, and other important stakeholders to understand key requirements of the bid and the underlying business model.


  • Detailed discussion with the client to understand their requirement and advise on the financing structure.




  • Develop financial models to capture financial and operating KPIs and ad-hoc financial analysis to drive better decision-making and prioritization for Bid submission and assessment. Ideal candidate will have experience in simulating Financial modelling features including (but not limited to):
    • Income Statement
      • Bid Price and Volume sensitivity
      • Project and Contractual Life considerations
      • Booking and Billing schedules
      • Capacity utilization assessment
    • Construction, operating and maintenance costs
      • Production driven salary and Wages schedules
      • Commission structures
      • Rent to Own asset simulation
    • Debt financing arrangements
      • Debt structure
      • Repayment Structure and Tenure sensitivity
      • Frequency and Moratorium sensitivity
    • Distributions to equity
      • Dividend pay-outs
      • Earnout simulations for Bid executions.
      • Capitalization
    • IRR assessment
      • Project and Equity IRR calculations

Desired Skill Set

  • Advanced ability in developing project financial models, budgeting and forecasting tools.
  • Prior experience with INDEX, OFFSET functions along with high competence in Scenario analysis and Macros
  • Proven ability to understand and convey Corporate Finance concepts to Client’s non-financial members.
  • Understanding of Debt funding, contract structures, Bid pricing, and deferred payment plans.
  • Strong organizational and time management skills for managing and coordinating a variety of tasks simultaneously.
  • Detail oriented with high level of attention to accuracy.


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